Correct makeup is a bit of a science, which not every woman can grasp at the right end. Many women either wear too much make-up, others not at all. Is there such a thing as a middle ground that would be totally effective at the same time? Is it possible to achieve natural look with minimal financial and time spending?

Good news – it definitely is. To achieve a natural and fresh look, standing in front of the mirror for long hours is unnecessary. Not even an hour, half an hour, or even twenty minutes. With some skill and practice, about ten minutes will be enough. Makeup to unify skin colour. A little setting powder. Blush. Light shadows on the eyes. Mascara and eyeliner are optional. Lip Gloss. No need for more.

When a woman applies makeup, she is the only person in that moment. She is there only for herself. Connected to herself, to her femininity. She wants to please herself and her surroundings.

Like our closets, our dressing table doesn’t have to overflow with makeup. All you have to do is choose products that support our natural beauty.