Try asking any woman if she dyes her hair. The answer will probably be a raised eyebrow…what kind of question is that? Of course, I do. I don’t want to be a bland grey mouse. I dye myself to hide grey hair (and look younger) or to cover my natural dull hair colour (and look better)… Going to the hairdresser regularly is almost as natural to us as brushing our teeth in the morning. However, are our funds really effectively spent, or is the hairdresser doing us a disservice.

Finding the right hair colour is a real challenge. Most hairstylists will create a masterpiece on a client’s head from the colour shades they are „trending right now“ without considering her personality, skin colour and overall radiance. Hair colour often clashes directly with skin colour, on which all its imperfections are reflected. It is also forgotten that you need to coordinate your make-up with your hair colour and adapt the colour palette of your wardrobe to it. Many women deal with this by dressing in black and dark colours because they go with everything. However, the result in these cases is not very dazzling…

I will show you that there is another way to do it. I look at a woman as a whole and help her find the hair colour that will harmonise with her personality and her unique colour code.



Barva vlasů - jak zvolit spravnou barvu vlasu