The colours you were born for

Nature has given us a color code in the form of hair, skin and eye color, which is unique for each of us.

It is an original personal colour combination that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

When you know your personal colors, you’ll soon find out how amazingly easy it is to combine them.

These colors match you in all circumstances, simplify your shopping and allow you to perceive yourself as a whole, without the influence of current fashion trends.

Logo značky barvy pro které jste se narodili

Colour Master

Iveta Kopřivová

I enjoy teaching women to be naturally beautiful

My whole life I’ve been looking for a way to make women more beautiful and happier. I don’t know if I found a recipe for beauty, but I know that every woman can work wisely with her strengths. Years of experience have shown me that even a few extra pounds well-dressed in harmonious colours and underlined by quality make-up will enchant the people around. For several years, I had a project in my mind that would show which colours will make you prettier and more attractive. After 5 years of research, I think I can introduce you to my project

„The colours you were born for“

and prove to you that every body can look magical.

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