Minimalist wardrobe. Myth or reality? We often hear about it, but most of the time, we don’t have the slightest idea what is hidden behind this name or how to grasp it. After all, the fashion industry dictates to us to shop all the time. Shops overflow with clothes, constantly tempting us with new goods. Our closets are packed to the brim, and paradoxically, we still feel like we don’t have anything to wear. How to get out of this circle?

Let’s imagine for a moment a typical French woman – she is dressed simply, elegantly, yet she is sexy and charming. It has its characteristic „je ne sais quo“. Her appearance immediately catches your eye, you can’t take your eyes off her, and the question running through your head is: how does she do it? It is not subject to fashion trends. She shops savvy and smart. Her clothes match both the chosen occasion and the feelings of the wearer. It’s her second skin. Would you like to do the same? Is it even possible in our conditions?

I’ll be happy to show you that it is. I give practical advice and my many years of experience on how to smartly put together a wardrobe that will not count dozens to hundreds of items and will still be able to convey your current layout, reflect how you want to feel today. I will teach you how to cleverly create a wardrobe that will serve you for many years. You will save time, nerves and money.