Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. A classic colour typology that most of us are familiar with. But how do we really feel if we are included in one of these categories? Are we comfortable in it? Are we really in line with what we were advised? Or do we wear the given colours only because someone who understands them chose them for us, while our inner feeling tells us that it is somehow not the right one?

If the last sentence applies to you, you are in the right place. Each of us is unique, which the classic colour typology cannot reflect by its very nature.

I proceed as follows in my work: I carefully examine the colour of the skin, eyes and hair, which will guide me on the right path. We will choose the exact ones for you from about 126 shades of colours, which I mix and prepare myself. I won’t push you into anything or force colours you don’t feel comfortable in. On the contrary, you will be an active co-creator of your unique colour palette. You tell me how the given colour affects you, how you feel in it…

The bracelet that I will create for you from beads of your colours will not only be a memory of a pleasant couple of hours. It will become your daily friend, guiding you in the right direction when shopping for clothes and accessories and the daily question: what will I wear today?